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From: kevinkellywriteraol.com
Subject: FAMILY EXPERIMENTING 4All rights reserved by the Author, You must be of legal age to read if not
please move on.
My Stories are mostly fictional. I am always open to suggestion. ( S )
shows where the actual sex is happening, You may read there and then go back
to build up
If you'd like to be on my early mailing list write stating your age to
many more of my stories may be found no Nifty.org under Author's look up
kevinmjo or Kevinkelly.
Now sit back pull it out and enjoy
Kevin.Here we were in the middle of the great depression in our own private
railroad car and having just enjoyed the most incredible four was male on male
sex in the world. I was so excited it was all I wanted to talk about but
strangely Dad and Eric as well as Timmy turned to small talk as if none of
it had happened, I had no choice but to follow along.
The sleeper car we had was large but with all we had been given by the
Neighbors in bags and boxes it was crapped. While there were four bunks
two on each side the two top ones were loaded with boxes of food and gifts.
I was praying that rather then try to clear them we would double up on the
bottom bunks. I was pondering who it was I'd like to share a bunk with
most that first night? I decided it would be my choice of Dad cgi lolita photo ls
and that big
ass flared cock head of his.
Just then we heard the Conductor going down the hall announcing that the
dinning car was open. Myself and with all the food we had in the room I was
willing to stay and have another round of hot cream cum sharing But Eric
shouts out." A nice hot meal and some Cold beers are what we all need Men"To which my Dad replies, " Aw Yes while our balls are refilling with some
cum juice for desert"Never in a million years did I ever think to hear such words from my prime
and proper Irish longshoremen Dad and I stood up. He got me in a bear hug
and lifting me off my feet headed to the hall and towards the dinning car.Dinner at the table because there were so many about us had to be casual
of course and so we talked mainly about what we knew of the place we were to
inherit.There was a two story general store with a butcher shop in it and it
served hamburgers and such for some buses that stopped by twice a day as well as
the locals. Everything from Clothes to nails and all else a farming
community might need.Then there was 500 acres of farm land, Dirt farming they said.There was a two story farm house with no less then six bedrooms up stairs,
A large barn and beyond the barn a building that housed the six workers
employees we would have were
A cook housekeeper. Named Mike who was 25 years old.
A Butcher named Tom who was 28
A store manager named Ed who was 30
Then the three farm hands who's names we didn't pre lolita young sluts have as yet. Six men in
all plus us four making it 10 living on the pthc hussyfan loli dorki
farm.We stayed in the dinning car until it closed having our beers and then
went out on the iron landing for some smokes and a talk by ourselves.Eric says. " So now the million dollar question we've all been wondering
about. Sexually Men how are we going to work this out amongst us. I mean
are we to be two couples as we were until just tonight or are we to be a kind
of foursome as we were tonight?Dad almost choked on his smoke and laughing said.
" My kid Brother here isn't the one to pull punches Men. Well now that
its out I vote that we enjoy being like those four Musketeers of old"
I piped in with " Yes, Yes All for one and one for all"Timmy came in with " I agree whole heartedly its to be sex all around
between us and I for one am as ready as I'll ever be.Eric was looking so handsome as I glanced over to him and he smiled at me
then said as we all put our arms around each other. " Then its the four
Musketeers we are and its best to keep this our private secret from the
customers and the help"To my utter delight Dad adds. " I vote then that tonight we use only the
bottom bunks and that we split up what was the two couples so as to form up
the new group. I take my own Son Kevin Here as a bunkmate tonight."We all nodded and Dad kissed me full on the lipsEric kissed his soon to be bunkmate Timmy and added.
Tomorrow we switch couples"
( S )
Even through all had been decided and even after the sex earlier it was
still strange getting undress in the car and knowing I'd pre lolita young sluts soon be in bed and
having sex with my own Dad only three feet across from my Uncle and Timmy.
Timmy and myself were both very quite as we pulled off our boots and
socks and then stood to bare our chest. We were two teens after all and new
to this and here we were with two handsome men in their Thirty's both with
monster cocks to boot. Strangely not a word was spoken when at last we
were all down to just our underwear. Dad pulled back the blanket on our cot
and I slipped in against the wall. The same was being done for Timmy as he
slipped silently into bed with Eric. The lights had been dimmed way down so
low they might as well have been off. The room was so silent you could
hear a pin drop.
My Dad and I were facing each other and he leaned to me and kissed my
forehead then I felt his hands pulling down my underwear, down and down
they came to the point where I could then push them off with my feet. I was
naked now and it was Dad pulling off his underwear and then He came up on
top of me.
He was braced on his arms hovering above me so only our bare feet were
touching. Then I could see that lustful smile on his face in the dim light as
he slowly lowered himself just enough so that the two bare leaking cum
cock lolita free photos pix heads touched against one another.
It was a magic moment and I reached up and putting my hands around
Dad's neck was pulling him into a kiss. As he came down his cock was rock hard
and long and pushing in between my legs which I spread for him and that
fleshy long cock was now between my bare legs and I closed them around my
Dad's thick cock as we kissed. Every inch of Dad's strong longshoremen's naked
body now touched against mine. Our feet, hairy legs our bare strong chest
and his cock was slowly moving between my legs and I was getting all wet
with Dad's pre-cum. My own cock burrowed and pumping my own pre-cum into
Dad's thick pubic hairs.
Dad was kissing my neck and my ear and his hands were reaching down
and feeling my hair sweaty under arms as he was increasing his thrusting
cock between my legs. I dared to do it and reached down and took hold of
Dad's smooth ass mounds and was pulling him deeper into me.
Dad let out a low moan at the pleasure of it all and then whispered in
my ear.
" Have you ever been fucked up the ass Kevin?I almost laughed at the strangeness of a Father asking a Son that but
said. " Yes once Dad with Timmy and I want you to do me now"" Turn over boy and get ready for the thrill of a life time"He lifted his cock from between my legs and was up again on his arms as I
obeyed his command and turned onto my stomach preteen movie lolita kdz
legs spreading to accept his
cock. Not a little afraid as Dad's cock was so much thicker then Timmy's
but about the same length.
I was not prepared at all for what happened next, No not at all. Instead
of dad lining up his fat flared cock head against me boy pussy he was
moving pedo underage lolita child down with the blanket still on his back and then down there between my
spread legs. All of a sudden I felt this moist wet mouth of his on my boy
pussy and it was feverishly licking and penetrating up into my boy pussy and
licking all around the sides of my boy pussy, Even down licking my balls
and then Dad reached down and pulled my hard cock back towards him and was
sucking on my cock then again on my balls and even again penetrating his
tongue into my wet boy pussy as I was now pushing back on his tongue and loving
being eaten by my own Father.
Dad came up from down there to my regret and threw the blanket free and
now he was lining up that massive cock head to my wetted up boy pussy.
Only then did I first become aware of them on the other cot as I heard
Timmy in a soft but pained voice saying.
" Oh fuck yea but easy Eric God dam Eric its so big Oh yea Eric fuck my
pussy"Timmy was getting my Uncle's big fat cock, then it happened, My dad was
pushing that fat cock head up into pedo underage lolita child
me and my sprinter was spreading wider and
wider to take its massive thickness, pain mixed with the joy of that big
fat cock coming deep up inside of me. I knew now the pleasure Uncle Eric
had been enjoying all those years getting this hot cock up in side of him
too. Dad was an expert fucker, he'd reach down and take hold of his thick
cock and pull it up as he pushed it into me so as the really thrill my
prostate as he pushed in all the way and then slowly while pushing it up would
pull out. Then I knew his fetish was hairy under arms as he would then reach
under my arms and pull on and feel my sweaty underarms while pushing his cock
deeper and deeper into me.
I knew then my own fetish, His big strong feet and pressing against them
as that monster cock was spreading me wider and wider and making my boy
pussy his cunt.
I was creaming a meg load onto the sheets and the thrill was out of this
world, Dad could tell and whispered it was time for him to unload his up
my boy pussy. With that Dad was pounding faster and faster into my pussy
hole and the sound of his stomach slapping against my ass was filling the room
and then I was listening to the same sound from the other cot. Eric was
pounding with the same force on Timmy's pussy hole. Our two men were in a
dead heat race to cum in us boys.
Then the room was still no motion and not a sound, all was silent on
both top 100 lolitas list cots for that brief moment.
All at top 100 lolitas list once as one the two men who were mounting their Teens let out the
loudest of yells. repeating in the most pleasure. OH Fuck YEAS. Oh Fuck Yeas
Us two boys were now getting our pussy's flooded with thick hot
longshoremen's cum loads. Dad the expert was pulling his cock in and out as his load
of cum seemed never to be going to stop. The force of his cum stream
passing over my prostate and again I was cuming on the sheets a massive load of
my own.
Suddenly the lights come up full bright and I turned and there stood
Erick his hose of a cock lolitas lolita bbs sites
only inches from me and lolitas lolita bbs sites
it was gleaming with his cum
as he stood there pulling some beers out of the cooler. I couldn't resist
an reached over and took hold of his wet long cock and was feeling it." Timmy" I called across the cots. " You took all this big ass dick man"Timmy was sitting up on the cot his red hair all a mess and taking his
beer from Uncle Eric before answering me he leaned in and kissed Eric's bare
ass saying.
" Lord almighty Kevin I sure as hell did and I loved it. Your fucking
Uncle knows how to fuck a boy pussy."Eric was handing Dad and myself our beers and joking that the next time
they had to show us a beer fuck. That would be when they poured beer on our
pussy's and eat it all out. I had the over powering urge just then to try
eating out Timmy's cum soaked boy pussy. He looked so handsome with his
bright red hair all a mess. I was one happy man that first night on the train
and we had another night ahead before we reached out new home. We used
towels to clean up the cum on the sheets and were thankful we had the private
bath room in the cabin.You can meet up with me to talk about stories or just say hi second
Sundays of each month at Uncle's bar in Philadelphia, PA. 12 and locust streets.
any suggestion feel free to write or to be on my early mailing list.

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